Watching Popular TV Shows Set in a Fantasy Land


What if the world’s most popular TV shows were re-framed and broadcast as set in a fantasy world. As Hollywood looks to reboot older and widely acclaimed tv shows, here’s a look at what upcoming tv shows could look like.

The World of Elion

Elion is a world full of magic and advanced technology. It is a world where magic and technology are intertwined and often confused for one another. On Elion, magic bubbles from technological devices, and technology is magical. Elion is ruled by King Elion, a benevolent king who believes everyone should be treated equally.

Stranger Things

The Stranger Things is a TV show about four young boys who are home and school pals. When they discover a pop-up book about a place called the Upside Down, things take a turn for the weird. They are led into the Upside Down and discover an ancient evil that they’ve never encountered but seems all too familiar. Meanwhile, Eleven is a girl who’s been trapped in the Upside Down by her evil uncle for 28 years. She has the ability to move things with her mind and astral project herself. As the kids learn about her, they realize that she’ll need their help to defeat the evil that her uncle has done.

Game of Thrones: Firelands

The Game of Thrones is a group of rebels, bandits, and outlaws that live in the Firelands. The Game of Thrones is led by Viserys Targaryen, who has recently become the King of the Firelands. He is determined to overthrow the King’s rule and bring the Firelands under his control.

Sopranos: Battle for Elion

The Sopranos is a large crime family in Elion, a coastal region in Southern New Jersey. The leader of the Sopranos is Don James. The Sopranos are a ruthless and deadly criminal organization. The Sopranos are known to commit any crime for the right price. The Sopranos is known to have ties with other criminal organizations on Elion. The Sopranos are also a large corporation, controlling many businesses on Elion. They are known to use hypnosis to control their underlings.

South Park

The South Park boys are a group of 12-year-old nerds. They are obsessed with anime and video games. They live in South Park, Colorado. They mostly hang out in their basement. This show is in its 24th season and has been running since the late 90s by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, with no sign of stopping.

American Dad

The American Dad show is a comedic television show about Stan, Roger, and Francine Smith, a family living in Langley Falls, VA. The Smiths run a funeral home, and the father, Stan, is a nice guy who is abused by his wife, Francine. She is the domineering, aggressive, and abrasive head of the family. The Smith children are Hayley, Klaus, and Hayley’s boyfriend, Steve.

King of the Hill: Texas Takedown

This faction is a group of hillbillies who have banded together and gained enough influence that they are now controlling a gold mine atop a fortified hill. They are constantly at war with other hillbillies groups, which are very unstable and form alliances without thought. They constantly need territory, and they will do anything to get it.

Futurama: Bender’s Conquest (Movie)

When Bender and his robot army conquer Elion, he renames himself Lord Bender and rules the world from his seat of power on the Planet Express Headquarters.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is a futuristic sci-fi animated comedy following the adventures of a mad scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his somewhat dimwitted grandson, Morty Smith. Together they go on misadventures through different universes, almost always resulting in havoc and calamity.

The Simpsons: Magic Mystery (movie)

The Simpsons are a family of magicians who live just outside of Springfield. They are always seen wearing matching purple shirts, sweaters, grey pants, and blue jeans. The Simpsons are kind, gentle, and generous.

The incredible diversity of TV shows and movies available in abundance are no surprise to anyone who wants to watch live TV free online, especially as inflation hits an all-time high and people look for ways to curb their online spending and subscriptions.

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